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All footballing ventures on here for all children and adults, boys and girls!

The most important thing for the children when starting out their footballing journeys is to have fun and to develop! With what we offer for all ventures, this combines both elements of having fun and developing as a player to improve a child's game over time with confidence growing each time they come which is fundamental not just as a player, but as a person too.

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We are delighted to announce that we are the winners of the Little Ankle Biters 2022 & 2023 award for "Children's Best Sport's Club" in Hertfordshire for our Joe's Small Shooters sessions on Sunday's & Tuesday's!
This is something we're immensely proud of to have this recognition to our name is a great honour!

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to JH Footballing Ltd and thank you for taking the time to look at our website.

My name is Joe Hannigan and I'm the Director of JH Footballing Ltd.

I am 27 years old and coaching has been my passion since being a young boy and is something I'm always striving to get better at.

I've coached for 10 years now, with a variety of ages, both boys and girls. I've coached in England and America, with coaches from across the world! These coaches have been from America, England, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

I decided to set up my own business to test myself and to see others succeed in the game and to develop their skills and confidence over time, making new friends along the way!

I currently hold my FA Level 1&2(Level 2 is also known as UEFA C License) coaching badges and am aiming to work towards for my UEFA B Licence. I am DBS Checked, First Aid trained, Safeguarded and Fully Insured.

I have a family of four, in which I live with my mum, dad and younger sister. There is a big age gap between me and my sister (10 years)!! So I can relate and be the big kid when I need to be! 

Other interests of mine include golf, which I have played for the county, when I was much younger! I enjoy socialising when I can and travelling to see new places across the world.

I love watching football. I will literally watch any match in any league be it Premier League to the Scottish

League! I've been a season ticket holder at Watford since I was 15, and have very much seen some highs and lows.

If you was to ask me anything about football, I'd most likely be able to answer it.

I played when I was younger and got selected for Winchmore Hill Youth Development where I played alongside a current Championship Player in Kyle Walker-Peters of Southampton.

Please feel free to take a look at our site and we hope you find what you're looking for!

All The Best

Joe Hannigan (Director)

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JH 1-2-1 Football Coaching was started at the end of 2019 and has continued to go from strength to strength in this period of time!

The objectives for our sessions are always to tailor the player's needs and improve their ability and confidence with and without the ball, working on different aspects of their game, to compliment a whole rounded approach to their performance.

Sessions are for anyone (Boys, Girls & Adults) of any ability and are from ages 5+.

All Coaches involved with JH Footballing are DBS Checked, First Aid qualified, Safeguarded & Insured. All Coaches have a minimum of obtaining their FA Level 1 badge. 

Sessions are for one hour and here are the prices.
Children Ages 5-7 (£20)

Children Ages 8-12 (£25)

Children Ages 13+ (£30)

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Joe's Small Shooters has been active since the summer of 2020 and has been another class which has gone from strength to strength in this period of time. 

If you are looking for your little one or know somebody who would like to get involved with footballing fun on Sundays, then this is the place to come play, have fun and make loads of new friends!

Our sessions are based at Goffs Churchgate School (Cheshunt) on an astro turf surface and we have two session groups on Sunday mornings (10-11 and 11.15-12.15). Sessions are £5 a week and you pay upfront before the session starts.

We are delighted to announce that we now also have a NEW CLASS for children ages 7-9 years old, open to both boys and girls, running on Tuesday's at Goffs Academy School (Cheshunt) on an astro turf surface (EN7 5QW) at the time of 7-8pm. Sessions will consist of a monthly payment of £25, which will cover the cost of that month's sessions, which will be non-refundable once paid.

All of our coaches are DBS Checked, Safeguarded & First Aided with plenty of experience coaching a wide range of ages!

We're delighted to say we have a fantastic affiliation we have with CHARS YOUTH FC, a Cheshunt based grassroots football team for children ages 7-16.

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JH 1-2-1 FOOTBALL COACHING AMENDED Cancellation Policy 


Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your session please contact me on our mobile within 24 hours of the session start time, as unfortunately if this is not adhered to, we will have to ask you to pay for the missed session in full, as we have people waiting for availability and this gives us time to fill the space. We are contactable on our mobiles 24/7. 

This Policy is for ANY form of cancellation,(I.e. being ill or injured etc).

For sessions, you'll have 24 HOURS to pay your session fee from the time of your session (I.e if a session was at a 5.30 starting time), you would have from 5.30 the day before to pay the fee.

*This policy will start from SEPTEMBER 2022 and had previously been different due to the uncertainty of COVID and other matters.

If we end up cancelling the session, then you have the option for a refund or for the money to be carried to another session and that would then cover you for the next one, if you had transferred already prior to the session.


Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. This is now the case going forward with Joe's Small Shooters on SUNDAY'S ONLY. If you need to cancel please contact me on my mobile within 48 hours of the session start time, as unfortunately if this is not adhered to, we will have to ask you to pay for the missed session, as we have people waiting for availability and this gives me time to fill the space. I am contactable on my mobile 24/7. If a parent cancels ANYTIME on the Friday of that week's session after 10am (SUNDAY SESSIONS) then they will have to pay for the missed session. 

This policy is for ANY form of cancellation, whether that's being (i.e. being ill or injured etc). To those who confirm prior, If we are not informed 48hrs before session time, then you will have to pay the £5 on the next Joe's Small Shooters session you come to. 

If you do not respond with your child's confirmation for the week by the FRIDAY (SUNDAY SESSION) or SUNDAY (TUESDAY SESSION) of that particular week, then your child will be AUTOMATICALLY added included for that weeks sessions. 

For sessions, when you come, it will be same procedure as usual, in terms of paying your £5 cash upon arrival. 

If you are to cancel anytime from 10am on a Friday (SUNDAYS) then you will have to pay for the missed fee. 

If we end up cancelling the session, then you will not need to pay anything. 

With Our TUESDAY Small Shooters Sessions, Payment will be made monthly which will be non-refundable once paid.


JH Footballing Ltd holds a no tolerance policy in which if a parent or child talks to any of our coaches in a certain way, then unfortunately you will be removed from our sessions with immediate effect and will not be asked to return.

Our coaches work incredibly hard to plan and deliver the most enjoyable and fun sessions possible to suit each individual we coach, making sure each session is given equal care and attention throughout the year.

We understand that circumstances can occur (hence with our cancellation policies) for both our 1-2-1s and our Sunday Small Shooter's Sessions, but our policies are in place for a reason.

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Welcome to JH Parties!

Our Football Parties are based on 3 key things: Fun, Friends & Football!

These Parties are for Boys & Girls ages 5+ and can be for any occasion of the year.

There are 3 Party Packages and you can see them below:

Premier League Package-- £200

15 Children + £3 per Child Extra
90 minutes of Fun packed Football Action
Team Photo
Certificate for All Children
PDF Invitation template
Parent Sorts Venue
Tournament Based (Points System)

Champions League Package-- £250

15 Children + £3 per Child Extra
90 minutes of Fun Packed Football Action
Trophy for Birthday Child
Surprise Gift for Birthday Child
Certificate for All Children
Party Bags
Awards Presentation (Medals)
Team Photo
PDF Invitation template
Parent Sorts Venue
Competition Based (Knockout System)

World Cup Package-- £300

15 Children + £3 per Child Extra
120 minutes of Fun Packed Football Action!

World Cup Tournament 

Competition Based (Knockout System)

Personalised engraved trophy for Birthday Child 

Surprise Gift for Birthday Child
Certificate for All children
Medals for All children
Party Bags

Complimentary Birthday Cake Bought By Us
Team Photo
JH Parties will sort venue
PDF Invitation template

Our coaches are all FA Qualified, DBS Checked, COVID 19 Secure, Safeguarded and First Aid Trained, as well as being insured.

To book a party with us, you need to book with at least one month's notice, as our demand is getting higher and I need the necessary time to make sure everything our side is perfect for the special day!

We have all equipment needed so all you need to do is tell us when & where to be  and we'll do the rest!

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We're delighted to announce our Half Term Camp for the upcoming May Half Term.

If you've nothing planned for your child over the Half Term break, then this is the perfect time to give your child something to do during their time off!

Our Camp will be running on the Grass pitches so if all children can bring ideally boots and a packed lunch, along with plenty to drink and layers of clothing (just incase) that would be great.

The dates for our May camp are as follows:


Our camp will consist of a variety of fun footballing activities and challenges for the children, along with medals and certificates being awarded.

All information is in the advertisement so please get in touch if interested as spaces are limited for each day. Spaces are going on a first come, first serve basis with payments now being taken.

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Oliver Honey-- (Top)

Hey, I’m Oli Honey!

I’ve got my level 1 and 2 FA coaching qualification in football! I have a huge wide range experience coaching all ages of kids and there nothing more rewarding to seeing there development and knowing I helped the best way I can!

From the age of 18 - 21, I trained with the England Development CP squad team at St Georges Park where I had to follow a nutritional and fitness programme designed by England Sports Scientists.

I also played with the Chelsea and Tottenham Development Squad and got to play football on a professional level. I have a real passion for all things sports, especially football, and strive to improve performance in others as well as myself.

I am a highly motivated individual who will endeavour to accomplish goals and like to challenge myself.In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family, walk my two dogs and listen to mindfulness podcasts!

Matt Bebin-- (Bottom)

Hello I’m Matt Bebin!

I’m a passionate enthusiast of sports and athletic performance. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Sport Science and Coaching, which I earned at University of Bedfordshire.

I have been a qualified FA level one coach for around 18 months. Since completing my education, I've had the privilege of coaching young individuals, both boys and girls ages 3-14. My ambition is to continue advancing in this field, with my next target being the attainment of a UEFA C license.

I've been a part of JH Footballing since November 2022 with Joe's Small Shooters consistently being the highlight of my week. The most rewarding part is seeing children of varying abilities, learning and growing together whist having fun. 

In my spare time, I enjoy going for a run or exploring new places and cuisines. I’m an Arsenal fan and love attending games and showing support at the Emirates.

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With the growing expansion of JH Footballing, we're delighted to announce that we are looking for fellow coaches to join our team!

Experience isn't a necessity, as training and guidance will be provided. We're looking for enthusiastic and passionate coaches to come and join the JH Footballing team! Coaches must have their coaching badges which are valid and in date, as other matters with DBS & Safeguarding will be taken care of.

If you know anyone that may be interested in being part of the JH Footballing team, coaching children and adults from the ages of 3+ and wants to know more information, then please get in touch! 

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"I highly recommend JH Footballing!
I have tried so many different coaching for my son but his nerves gets the better of him and he don't continue but with small shooters he has completely come out his shell. Joe and Oliver do a fantastic job at what the do and deserves all the credit given.
Small shooters is ran so professionally, never been a problem and great communication from Joe.
They also give out a trophy at the end and it really makes the kids so happy sure does with my boy. 

My son also recently started doing 1-2-1s with coach oli and wow it was amazing so well presented by Oli and so much praise during the full hour which is a huge confidence boost for my son
I honestly couldn't recommend these guys enough they really are brilliant at what they do and only push for the best!" 

Danny Williams

"Thank you for giving our son the best Birthday Party ever!

A true professional service and amazing fun for all of Ronan's guests!

You and Nikki was brilliant!

This is definitely one to remember and couldn't recommend highly enough!"

Darren King

"Joe is a fantastic football coach for all abilities. My son- who has Down’s Syndrome- had been attending his Sunday sessions and has had 1-2-1s with him for a few years now. Joe has a wonderful way with kids. His sessions are fun, thoughtful and energetic. The training has been excellent for my son’s footy skills and coordination and it has also helped his confidence and communication skills, to boot! Highly recommended by us. Thank you, Joe!"

Samantha Brenton

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These are certain questions that seem to come up again and again by our clients. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding sports training and the work we do at JH Footballing. However, if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please give us a call or send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We try as best as we can to keep our sessions going, unfortunately the weather cannot be helped at times! If the weather is torrential and is to the point where we cannot train, then sessions will be cancelled, otherwise sessions will go ahead as normal.


Absolutely not. These sessions are for the children who are either starting out in their football journey or have had some experience previously playing football. It's for all ages for boys, girls & adults, and the main emphasis is for them to enjoy, learn and have fun whilst playing football!


Currently, we do not have an indoor facility to use, this will be taken into more consideration when winter approaches. 


A tracksuit is absolutely fine - shorts, t-shirt, socks, trainers (if on the astro turf) and boots for the grass ideally.  DO NOT WEAR JEANS!


Although the core of what we do with these sessions are 1-2-1s, we can do small group sessions upon request, so please feel free to ask us if this is of interest to you!

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Get in touch today to schedule a session with JH Footballing.
Please state whether you would like either JH 1-2-1 Football Coaching, Joe's Small Shooters, JH Parties or requesting us to come into an educational setting (Schools & Nurseries) when you get in touch. 

Thanks for submitting!




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